Why It's Important To Get An Annual Checkup
By Premier Medicine and Wellness
June 01, 2020
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Many adults only go to their general medicine physician (GP) when they’re sick. In reality, patients should schedule a checkup with their doctor every year. This provides your doctor with a chance to better understand your health while giving important preventive care. You can update them on any important changes in your health too. 
What to Expect at Your Physical
Your medical history tailors how your appointment will go. If you are at risk for certain conditions, specific measures are put in place. This is also true if you engage in risky behaviors like smoking. All patients can expect their vital signs, vaccines, screenings, and body to be checked.  
Vital signs include your temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration rate. These provide the first line of insight into how your body is doing. For example, if your heart rate and blood pressure are too high or low, your general medical practitioner will want to know. These indicate serious conditions that need medical intervention. 
Vaccines are recommended depending on your age. If you’ve never had certain shots, your doctor may encourage you to get them. Other shots may require repeats after longer periods. The tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis booster is recommended every ten years. A flu shot is an important vaccine to get every year. These include the newest strains of influenza and can keep you safe during the peaks of the flu season. 
Depending on your age and gender, certain screenings are highly recommended. After the age of 40, patients should have their cholesterol tested every five years. This may need to be more frequent if there is a family history of cholesterol problems. Medical professionals recommend a colonoscopy every ten years to check for colorectal cancer. If you are over the age of 55 and are a smoker or quit within the last 15 years, you need regular lung cancer screenings. 
The physical exam is typically quick and painless. Your general medical doctor will examine your ears, eyes, nose, and throat. They may even listen to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope. This is an easy way to check for any issues. They might also check your abdomen by lightly touching it. 
Schedule Your Annual Checkup Today
Prevention is the key to a healthy body. Your annual checkup is the perfect time to guarantee your body is in top shape. Your general medical practitioner provides you with everything listed above and even more. Your health needs change as you get older and your doctor can help monitor these.