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Monroe Township is located in Middlesex County in the state of New Jersey. The township was incorporated by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on April 9, 1838. The area was named in honor of President James Monroe. Even though there are many senior living communities located in the township, the largest part of the population is increasingly getting younger every year.

For years, Monroe Township was a farming community however in the 1960s the area changed into a suburban community. Even though it is not known as a major farming community any longer, there is still a farmer’s market located in Monroe Township. The Jamesburg Farmer’s Market is a seasonal market that sells fresh produce, specialty prepared foods and gourmet items.

There are many historical railroads that can still be found in Monroe Township. These railroads include the Camden and Amboy Railroad and the Freehold and Jamesburg Railroad.

There are many activities that people can participate in whether as a member of the community or as a visitor in Monroe Township. Every summer there is a community garden that people can use to grow fresh vegetables to eat. The town is currently increasing the number of gardens that are available to the community, because the garden has been so successful. There is even a heaviest tomato contest that people can enter to win if they believe that they have grown a really large tomato.

During the summer months, there are free concerts at Thompson Park on Thursday nights. The entire community is encouraged to bring their own chair or blanket and listen to the wide variety of live music that is offered each week.

The Green Fair takes place every October with natural and organically grown items for sale as well as crafts made out of recycled items. Each year the fair grows larger than the previous year and they now have many services available that coincide with the natural theme of the event.

Monroe Township is one of the best places to live and visit, because it is very community oriented. There are plenty of activities that everyone can enjoy in the area together and there are plenty of places to meet and spend time with friends and family.